Marriage & Divorce

In the U.S., couples marrying for the first time have a 33% chance of divorcing or a 67% chance of staying married. Reportedly, generation X and millenniums find “as long you both shall live”, a 21st century challenge rather than

Implicit Bias

There’s a word you swore you would never use, yet, in a fit of passion it escapes your lips. You’re watching a sports event screaming at the television – the word is heard in a room which suddenly goes quiet.


There’s a long list of quotations outlining the juxtaposition between love and hate, from the amount of energy consumed to the mental, physical, and emotional drain. Hatred is a toxic emotion which can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease,


Studies have been done, researchers have documented it, and professors teach it: like prediction, visualization, and manifestation, a pen coupled with a piece of paper is a powerful tool. Beyond seeking specific life changes, or overcoming obstacles, writing it down

13 Reasons Why & Suicide

13 Reasons Why is a controversial book and graphic movie depicting [dramatizing] teen suicide. Despite sparking a much needed conversation, mental health professionals, school counselors, parent organizations, and the media present contrasting views on the content of the book and