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Our Services

Our professionally trained and experienced clinicians can provide a number of different services to efficiently provide you with results, and which are individually adapted to meet your specific needs. Improving Lives Counseling Services is committed to providing you with effective, confidential, helpful, and compassionate therapy.

Individual Counseling

Sometimes life hands us problems that we cannot work through on our own. One-on-one counseling allows you to openly talk about your thoughts and feelings, while being assisted by a professional, nonjudgmental, and caring therapist, to help you work through them in order to reach your full potential in life.

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Ketamine HCI
Ketamine Therapy

Learn about Ketamine-Assisted Therapy here at Improving Lives Counseling Services. The process is tailored to individuals, couples, and groups.

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Child & Adolescent Counseling

Children and adolescents face many challenges as they progress through different phases of their lives. We understand the problems those challenges can create and your concern as parents. The goal of our counselors is to work with you and your child toward a better understanding and resolution of their problem.

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Parent-Child Interactive Therapy

Parent-Child Interactive Therapy allows trained counselors to treat young children with behavior problems. Our counselors work with parents and their children to learn more effective ways of positively interacting, improving child compliance, and reducing disruptive behavior.

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Family Counseling

Every family is unique, and through family therapy with an experienced mediator, we work with you to develop better communication skills, more effective discipline, and better boundary setting, creating a more healthy and loving family unit.

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Couples & Marriage Counseling

We understand the stresses that marriages and relationships face. Whether it is a lack of trust, poor communication, loss of respect, infidelity, abuse (verbal or physical), constant arguing, issues with children, addictions, or other problems, we are here to help. We are pleased to announce that one of our therapists has recently become a certified Prepare & Enrich facilitator, adding a new dimension to our services. Our dedicated team remains committed to assisting you in navigating through the complexities of relationships, fostering growth, and fostering a healthier and happier life together.

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Neurofeedback challenges and trains the brain to function better and empowers one to self-regulate and change one’s brain’s behavior. This powerful brain-based technique is not new; it has been successfully helping clients around the world for more than 50 years. Neurofeedback is non-invasive, with potentially dramatic results for a wide range of symptoms. Brain function determines one’s success or failure in the context of relationships, work, and academic performance. One’s brain is in charge of focusing, listening, problem solving, decision-making, and relaxing, as well as how one behaves.

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Online Video Counseling

Improving Lives Counseling Services is excited to offer online video counseling and therapy sessions, also known as e-counseling, in order to make therapy easy, convenient, and accessible for all.

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Human Trafficking Healing

Sadly, human trafficking and sex trafficking remain very serious problems throughout the country, including in Oklahoma. A form of modern day slavery, human trafficking is exploitation. According to data provided by the Administration for Children & Families, 984 potentially trafficked persons were identified in 2018 alone—although the true figure is undoubtedly far higher, as human sex trafficking is chronically underreported.

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Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

This service is designed to improve clients’ lives of children and adolescents with complex psychological or behavioral needs. A team comprising of persons from multiple systems collaborate together to develop and carry out an individualized treatment plan specific to the needs by teaching them valuable life skills and coping strategies.

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We assume responsibility for locating, coordinating, and monitoring appropriate services for individuals in need of assistance, whether it’s medical, social, educational, and other kinds of services.

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No one knows you better than you know yourself. Life Coaches help you unlock your hidden potential by empowering you to find answers within yourself. They know the right questions to ask, and the tools and techniques to teach you, in order to help you create a more balanced and fulfilled life.

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Emotional Support Animal Letters

Pets offer more than unconditional love; from lowering blood pressures, to reducing depression, studies show owning a dog or cat offers an array of physical and mental benefits. The Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is a pet used to provide individual therapeutic benefits lessening or mitigating symptoms of an emotional disability.

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EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy is an effective way to treat trauma. Meet with our team of experienced therapists to learn more about the EMDR Therapy services that we offer.

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We offer Brainspotting treatment for PTSD. Meet with our trained professionals to get help to improve your life.

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Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counseling is a versatile mode of therapy, as it can provide specialized treatment as well as more general counseling needs. Pastoral counselors are uniquely positioned to offer a professional level of mental health treatment due to their graduate training, education, and ability to provide spiritual guidance.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Therapy

We are excited to announce that our agency now offers virtual reality exposure therapy and virtual reality trauma therapy. With these cutting-edge therapies, we can help our clients overcome their fears and traumas in a safe and controlled environment.

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If you are unsure which counseling service best fits your needs, please call us today at 918-960-7852 and talk to one of our professionals for a personal recommendation.

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