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At Improving Lives Counseling Services, we offer high-quality, reliable EMDR therapy services to patients in Tulsa and throughout the surrounding communities across Oklahoma. With experience providing a wide range of therapy and counseling services, our team is here to help you solve problems and improve your life. For many people, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an effective way to treat trauma. To find out more about our EMDR therapy services, please do not hesitate to contact our Tulsa office today.

What is EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an advanced, non-invasive form of psychotherapy treatment that allows patients to access some of the body’s most powerful natural healing processes. Much like the body, the human mind can naturally heal itself. For the most part, the mind’s restorative process occurs during the sleep cycle—specifically during the REM stage of sleep. Initially developed in the 1980s, EMDR therapy has shown impressive results in treating many different issues. Along with other types of conditions, EMDR therapy can help alleviate:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD);
  • Emotional trauma;
  • Anxiety;
  • Depression; and
  • Addiction.

How Does EMDR Therapy Work?

At a core level, EMDR therapy affects the way that the brain processes information. In essence, the therapy allows for the release of emotional experiences that are ‘trapped’ within the nervous system. Typically, the EMDR process starts with a trained therapist working with a patient to recall a difficult feeling, thought, or memory. Using a technique called ‘bilateral stimulation’, EMDR therapy then facilities the reprocessing of the trauma. When successful, EMDR therapy allows painful, challenging feelings to transform into peaceful, resolved feelings. An emphasis is always put on patient comfort. EMDR works best when crafted to the individual patient’s needs.

Why Work With an Oklahoma EMDR Therapist at Improving Lives Counseling Services

Our fundamental goal is to help people find peace and stability. At Improving Lives Counseling Services, we have helped thousands of patients resolve trauma, ensuring that they can enjoy the highest possible quality of life. With extensive experience providing EMDR therapy in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma, we are dedicated to offering:

  • A supportive, caring, and non-judgmental environment;
  • Strict and comprehensive privacy protections;
  • Flexible, community-based support; and
  • Cost effective services.

Following physical or psychological trauma, the road to recovery can be long and challenging. While it can be hard to do, seeking help is an important step. Our EMDR therapists understand that every patient’s needs are unique. We will put in the time and resources to craft a customized treatment plan that works best for you.

Schedule a Confidential Initial EMDR Therapy Consultation Today

At Improving Lives Counseling Services, we are committed to providing top quality, non judgmental, fully personalized counseling services to clients. If you have questions or concerns about EMDR therapy, we are here to help. To schedule a completely confidential initial appointment, please contact us at 918-960-7852. With a main office in Tulsa, we offer EMDR therapy services to clients throughout Oklahoma.

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