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Sadly, human trafficking and sex trafficking remain very serious problems throughout the country, including in Oklahoma. A form of modern day slavery, human trafficking is exploitation. According to data provided by the Administration for Children & Families, 984 potentially trafficked persons were identified in 2018 alone—although the true figure is undoubtedly far higher, as human sex trafficking is chronically underreported.

At Improving Lives Counseling Services, our Oklahoma mental health counseling and therapy professionals have experience and training to assist survivors of human trafficking. We offer confidential, caring, non-judgmental support. It is our mission to help people live better lives. To learn more about our services in Oklahoma, please call us or contact us directly online.

You are Not Alone: Victim Survivors Deserve Support

If you or your loved one is a survivor of human sex trafficking, you are not alone. Tens of thousands of people are victimized every year—this includes people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The Polaris Project notes that while certain groups—children, women, undocumented immigrants, people from disadvantaged economic circumstances—are more likely to be sex trafficking survivors, any person can be affected.

Human trafficking is associated with a wide range of mental health issues. Victim survivors can often benefit from professional support and ongoing counselling. As explained by Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), some of the most common after effects of experience trafficking include:

Feelings of grief and loss;

Deep anxiety and an inability to relax;

Development of fears and phobias;

Depression, sadness, shame, and self-blame; and

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Why Trust Improving Lives Counseling Services

Seeking help is a difficult, but incredibly courageous step. If you or your loved one has gone through a traumatic experience, you need a professional who truly cares about you. We have experience working with victims of serious trauma, including sexual abuse. At Improving Lives Counseling Services we are committed to:

Providing all people with a supportive and caring environment;

Strictly protecting client-patient confidentiality;

Allowing for flexible community support—we are available to meet you in our office location or in a location where you are more comfortable; and

Providing cost-effective services, potentially including free services for those covered by Medicaid or SoonerCare.

We know that recovery is not easy. Our therapists and mental health counseling professionals will put in the time, energy, and resources to create a fully personalized treatment plan that best suits your unique individual needs. The specific types of counseling, therapy, and professional support that work best always depend on the person. We will help you move forward and make sustainable progress towards the best quality of life.

Schedule a Confidential Appointment With a Human Trafficking Victim Counselor

At Improving Lives Counseling Services, we are committed to providing personalized, supportive counseling and therapy services to survivors of human trafficking/sex trafficking. To get more information or to schedule a strictly confidential consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us today. With clinic locations in Tulsa, Norman, Stillwater, Coweta, Skiatook, Sapulpa, Okmulgee, Broken Arrow, Pryor, and Tahlequah, we serve communities throughout Oklahoma.

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