Services are FREE for anyone who has Title XIX Medicaid or SoonerCare in Oklahoma


Individual counseling sessions offer adults, children and teens the chance to discuss their behavior, thoughts and emotions with a trained therapist within a safe and caring environment. With the help of the therapist, you will be able to identify the areas where you’re dissatisfied personally, where you have concerns and the areas of your life that are the strongest.

During the sessions, your therapist will want to explore various areas of your life, including past and current relationships, stressors in your life and issues that you’ve faced. The more you start to understand who you are as a person, the more you will achieve and gain all the skills, awareness and tools needed to make changes and live a life that is far more satisfying than it currently is.

Our professional counselors are trained and licensed in understanding feelings and helping people make positive changes to their behavior. We know that there are often complex and unique reasons behind feelings and everyone is different so we offer more than just a diagnosis. We want to help you cope with your problems.

Man in behavioral therapy