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Why Summer School?

Why Summer School?

May Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and the last day of school all fall in the month of May. Children are off to camp, loading the family car for a much needed vacation, looking for a part-time job or sleeping in for the first time in months. However for many the break is short-lived – school will resume and continue for the next 6-8 weeks. There are four basic reasons a child finds themselves in summer school; failed courses or grades, recommendations of a teacher or counselor, a parent hoping to give their child a head start, or a failure to establish a foundation for educational growth – usually established during early childhood.

Although most children adjust well to summer learning, others don’t. They have trouble adjusting to the environment, are mentally drained, feel a teacher is picking on them or parents are being mean. Some feel pushed too hard, while others feel expectations are too great. Forcing a child to attend summer school can be just as distressing as holding a child back. A recent Social Forces 2014 study found that “Retaining a child in early primary school reduces his or her odds of high school completion by about 60 percent.” When communication between parents and children breaks down, the professionals of Improving Lives Counseling Services can help.

Summer programs should be discussed and negotiated; a failing grade can be just as problematic as the corrective actions taken. Although most parents feel they know their child and why he/she is failing in certain areas, researchers have found children don’t, can’t, or don’t know how to explain a failing grade. Home life, environment, relationships and outside influences impact a child’s incentive, attitude and behavior.

Prior to deciding what summer program will work best, determine the factors contributing to failing grade/grades. Researchers found three basic reasons students fail: Lack of motivation or interest, socioeconomic issues, and failure of an educational system. Getting to the root of declining attitudes, failed motivation and failing grades is essential. The counselors and therapists in Tulsa of Improving Lives Counseling Services offer professional assessments; detecting red flags, ruling out diseases, diagnosing disorders and opening safe, honest lines of communication.

Remedial summer school, summer enrichment programs and students needing extra credits are often grouped together. Your child might experience the same challenges in summer school as he/she did in regular school. Today there are a number of learning centers, specialized learning camps and on-line classes available at all grade levels. Enrichment activities, tutors, college run programs and home-schooling are also available. Improving behavior and school performance is one of the many services Improving Lives Counseling Services offer. Call us today.