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Smoothly Navigate Marriage in Your Golden Years

Marriage, at any age, is full of new experiences and life adjustments. In your golden years, however, these changes are a little more complicated. Use the following advice to smooth the way forward.

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Involve Your Extended Families in Open Conversations

This is a decision between you and your special someone, but your new combined life will be easier when you involve your children in open conversations. Consider the situation from their perspectives and try to resolve some of their concerns. Your children may be worried about what family holidays and activities will look like. They may wonder about sharing your time and resources with a new family. Be as open as possible before, during, and after the wedding.

Downsize Into a Single Household

You’ve each had enough time to establish separate households and homes with lifetimes of memories; now may be a good time to downsize. Some couples have found that starting fresh in a new home is best, and others have found it easier to keep one home and sell the other. Keep the following questions (with their answers) in mind:

  • What is your new budget?
  • Are you willing to accept a new mortgage?
  • Where do you want to retire?
  • How close are you to family members?
  • Do you need accommodations for aging in place?

Combine Your Finances with The Future in Mind

Financial differences are a significant cause of marital disruptions. Talk about your finances before marriage and discuss your new budget, existing debts, medical costs and insurance, Social Security, and taxes. Consider hiring a financial counselor or accountant to help you establish your new budget.

PDFs are a great tool for organizing your finances and keeping track of important documents. First, they allow you to easily store a variety of different types of information in one place, from bank statements and bills to receipts and tax returns. This makes it easy to glance at your financial history at any time, instead of having to search through piles of paper documents or multiple electronic files. If you want to put all your financial information into one file, you can use an online tool to grab each relevant page from your documents and then you can add it to one PDF.

Establish Habits for Physical and Mental Health

Life presents a lot of obstacles, and these are easier to face when you’re healthy in mind and body. Discuss your dietary and exercise needs together and create daily habits that promote strength and well-being. Set an appointment with a therapist who’ll guide you through the changes that result from your relationship.

Embark on a Retirement Business Venture

Starting a new business together is a great way to supplement your retirement income and ensure the opportunity for combined adventures. Working together is a great way to spend time working toward common goals and learning more about each other. Choose an entrepreneurial venture or a part-time position that you will both enjoy. It’s important to find something that suits your retirement goals and provides enjoyment, or it could cause problems in your relationship.

Complete Your Will and Estate Plans

If you or your new partner don’t have a will, now is the time to get things in order. An estate planning attorney can help you through beneficiary designations, wills, and living trusts. If you plan to amend an existing will, discuss these changes with your children and other affected parties. This situation could potentially cause hurt feelings and lasting discord, so approach the situation with clear communication and sensitivity. However, it’s vital that you get this work done now so your assets don’t go into probate when you pass away. 

When you have the good fortune of finding love later in life, take the steps you need to protect your new relationship. With good financial habits, a home together, and common goals, you can enjoy your golden years with loved ones at your side.