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Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

As the world of Counseling Services changes, words like journaling, mindfulness, relaxation and cognitive-behavior are heard more often, specifically in relation to sleep disturbances. Today counseling professionals are defining best practices in this area – supported by new scientific research and journalism. The most prominent advances have been in the area of Cognitive-behavior.

Cognitive behavioral therapy isn’t new to counseling professionals. It is a form of therapy whereby the client and therapist form a trusting relationship enabling them to work “together” to address the patient’s primary concerns and issues. In these sessions the therapist concentrates on observations, feelings and thought patterns.
Safety is a concern. It is important when working with a Cognitive-behavior therapist to protect yourself and your interest. Knowing your therapists background, education and treatment methods are important. Putting your trust in someone who lacks trustworthiness can be dangerous.

Returning to the subject of sleep disorders, cognitive-behavioral therapy is the drug free medication free way to go. If you or a loved one is sleepy throughout the day, dozing off when sitting still, looks and feels tired, uses excessive caffeine to keep going, has fallen asleep while driving or is experiencing emotional highs and lows, a sleep disorder could be the cause.

It’s true we would all like medication free treatments for occasional and/or onset sleep disorders, many however require a ruling out of an underlying health condition through in-depth medical treatment and if problems are found –medications. However for many, counseling services alone can be the answer.

Are you experiencing sleep disorders? Call us! Improving Lives Counseling Services, Inc. staffs therapist you can trust. CBT isn’t right for everyone, let us help you decide if it’s right for you.