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Loneliness Counseling: Let us help you

Loneliness Counseling: Let us help you

There is a song from the movie Elegy titled “Loneliness Ends with Love”, however, for many, loneliness worsens when Cupid’s arrow pierces the heart. Seeking to resolve a feeling of loneliness by connecting to others often fails to solve the problem. Many in the psychiatric scientific world connect loneliness to depression: “Those suffering chronic forms of loneliness are more likely to also be depressed than those whose loneliness is more fleeting, reactive, and situational.” Fleeting, reactive, or situational? In a past issue of Psychology Today we read: “In an era in which every human woe or trouble is diagnosed as a medical condition, loneliness is often mistaken for clinical depression…we need to start seeing loneliness for what it is – a human problem, not a medical diagnosis.”  Obviously, opinions differ on what for many is a serious problem. Weight gain, loss of interest in extra curricular activities, distancing oneself from family and friends, oversleeping, and daydreaming can be early symptoms of loneliness.

The dictionary defines loneliness as: “sadness because one has no friends or company.” In actuality, loneliness goes much further. It can be felt when surrounded by other people, in positions of leadership and empowerment, in successful marriages, and in jobs you love.  A lack of privacy or time alone can lead to loneliness. Songs and poems are written, movies are made, and the media consistently reports on increased loneliness in the 21st century, on technology’s effect on the lonely – and its role as a source of loneliness specifically in children and teens.

Self-diagnosis of loneliness can be dangerous. Whether your condition is medical, social, long term, or temporary – fleeting, reactive, or situational, an Improving Lives Counseling Services’ trained therapist is highly suggested. You may go long periods without feeling lonely or identify yourself as a loner, yet feeling like no one knows you exist, feeling empty, unfulfilled, or unhappy is unhealthy.  Put yourself first; sharing your feelings with family or loved ones and having them say “get over it” doesn’t help, neither does hiking in the mountains, taking a 10-day cruise to the islands, or burying yourself in your work. Loneliness blocks emotional freedom, however, it is not a sign of immaturity or weakness. Diagnosis is the only way to confront, understand, and treat lonesomeness.

We all experience loneliness at one time or another in our lives; children who find themselves playing alone, teens who have a hard time making friends, college and graduate students away from home and friends, spouses who spend more time with the children than with their partners, singles who bury themselves in their work, seniors who lose resolve or purpose, military spouses and spouses caring for a terminally ill mate experience loneliness – you’re not alone. Don’t allow the stigma of therapeutic counseling stop you from living the life you deserve.

Depression, heart disease, stroke, memory loss, antisocial behavior, poor decision making, drug abuse, and suicide are just a few consequences of loneliness. Contact Improving Lives Counseling Services today. We can make a difference in your life and the lives of those you love most.  You’re not alone.