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Helping With Sleep Disorders

Helping With Sleep Disorders

It may not be the late night cup of coffee, evening meal, or long workday disturbing your sleep. The scientific community of the 21st century agrees, the stages of the moon, specifically the full moon affects our sleep patterns. Not only does it take five or more minutes longer to fall asleep, we sleep 20 minutes or more less as the full moon approaches. In a full moon the, “brain activity decreases by 30 percent during the sleep stage the brain normally uses to recover from its daylight work, and levels of melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate the sleep cycles drops”.

Recent studies show the gravitational force at different cycles of the earth and moon, air pressure, and high and low tides also affect sleep patterns. Then there’s this whole thing around circadian rhythms, our 24-hour biological clock, and a lunar rhythm that synchronizes with the phases of the moon, our left brain, right brain, and cognitive behavior.

Although not commonly life threatening, sleep disorders can be an indicator of a more serious medical condition. Primarily affecting the very young, teenagers, young adults, and seniors, seeing a therapist or counselor for an occasional or long term problem is a must and like any medical condition, the sooner a sleep disorder is diagnosed, the better. Although highly advertised, sleeping pills and home remedies cannot diagnosis disorders – even if the problem is temporary and lunar based.

Will the full moon turn you into a werewolf? Of course not; however, the continued absence of a good night’s sleep may lead family, co-workers, and friends to sense certain werewolf like characteristics in your changing personality. Whatever the cause, everyone understands the importance of a good night’s sleep. Improving Lives Counseling Service can help. Call us at 918-960-7852, we are available evenings and weekends.