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Drug Testing In a Safe, Caring Environment

Drug Testing In a Safe, Caring Environment

Parenting adolescents, teens, and young adults in the 21st century has its challenges, from academia, competitive sports, smoking, drinking, drugs, bullying, and peer pressure, to living conditions, environment, and social media.  Parents worldwide are asking how much parenting is too much parenting, am I pushing too hard or not pushing hard enough, is it time for the talk or too late for the talk – does my adolescent or teen need drug testing?  Yes, more and more parents are not only asking the question, they are purchasing in-home drug testing kits; avoiding the conversation, bypassing counselors and therapists, ignoring the falsies of online testing kits, embarrassing the child, destroying trust and permanently damaging long-term parent-child relationships. This is just one of the many reasons Improving Lives Counseling Services added drug testing to our list of services.

Other than counting the number of pills, measuring how much alcohol is in the bottle, or finding a stash under the bed or in the closet, there is no way for a parent to be certain of drug usage. Withdrawal, loss of appetite, and mood and behavioral changes can be contributed to a number of diagnoses unrelated to alcohol or other drugs. Scheduling an appointment with one of our therapists or counselors places your loved one in a safe environment, affords a platform on which they can be open and honest, and gives them the privacy and confidentiality they desire and deserve – parents can recognize behaviors and risk factors, counselors and therapists are trained to diagnosis them.

A recent study of private, religious, wealthy suburban, and inner-city schools showed “80% of high school students and 44% of middle school students have personally witnessed drug use, drug deals, drug possessions, drunk students, and students high on drugs. In today’s society, love, guidance, a balanced diet, quality time, and a strong close-knit household can be derailed by peer pressure.  Even the most balanced highly esteemed student or young adult has an inborn need to fit in – friends and a social network are more important to children and young adults today than at any time in history.

In-home drug tests are provided by a number of online companies, many of which are licensed and FDA approved, yet findings vary on the reliability of these tests and the emotional backlash on the parent-child relationship. Improving Lives Counseling Services’ counselors and therapists evaluate, diagnosis, drug test (if needed), and treat your child, adolescent, or young adult in a safe, protected clinical setting. Contact us to schedule an individual, parent-child, family, or group counseling session.