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Checkup for Your Mind

Checkup for Your Mind

You go to work every day, fall sleep easily at night, get along with co-workers, family, neighbors and friends; you think you are fine, yet more and more people question your health. You’ve just had a yearly physical and your doctor says you are fine.  Although it is important for a primary care physician to rule out medical problems a recent study found over 90% of people diagnosed with a behavioral disorder or mental illness were making regular visits to a primary care physician.  Even patients who were referred to a psychotherapist by their doctor failed to make or keep the appointment. For most people seeing a mental health professional is more distressing than seeing any other doctor, despite a high cure rate for most mental diagnoses.

People suffering from emotional, cognitive and behavioral disorders can be unaware of symptoms easily observed by others. A meta-analysis published in 2009 reported “primary-care physicians worldwide seem to have difficulty telling who is depressed and who is not, with substantial numbers missed or misidentified”, fortunately this statistic is changing. Today more pediatricians are referring children (and their parents) to therapist and counselors than ever before. Thanks to television, movies and media, adolescents, teens and millenniums find having a “shrink” awesome, wicked, righteous and cool.

It’s no surprise most find it annoying and somewhat embarrassing when people keep asking “what’s wrong”. Most of living involves simple tasks we perform without thinking. Failing to perform these tasks, or failing to respond when questioned about these tasks could be nothing, on the other hand it might be a symptom of an early onset mental illness. If you appear aloof, unresponsive or out of character by family and close friends we can help. You go to your doctor to get regular checkups of your body, how about your mind? The Improving Lives Counseling Services team of professionals can confirm nothing’s wrong, or if something is found, they can diagnosis and in most cases treat the disorder.

No one want’s to be badgered by negative comments, even those made by loved ones. If remarks are coming from someone you care about and respect ask questions. Grouchiness, eating more or less, an inability to sleep, to relax or get along with family members is something others might observe in you long before you see it in yourself.  Improving Lives Counseling Services offers individual, family and group sessions, many of which are now covered by health insurance.  Wouldn’t it be great to confidently say “I’m fine”, and know it to be true. Call us.