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Celebrating a Stellar Year: Achievements and Growth at Improving Lives Counseling Services

With the support of a dynamic administrative and operations team, the success of an equitable assembly of mental health care professionals, and the loyalty, support, and patronage of so many, Improving Lives Counseling Services has had a stellar year. Thanks to you and your belief in us, as well as the life-changing services we provide, we were able to expand our footprint in Oklahoma’s mental health sector by onboarding a diverse group of licensed, trained counselors, therapists, and clinicians, and adding, expanding, and updating on-site locations.

Our Diverse Approach to Mental Health Care

In 2023, we saw more of you than ever overcome the stigma of mental health care. Meeting these ever-increasing needs, our team of medical professionals assessed cognitive functioning, diagnosed, and treated mental health and behavioral disorders, improved psychological and emotional well-being, and provided mental health checkups, to children, adolescents, teens, adults, and seniors in individual, couples, family, and group, in-person and virtual sessions. Through our online blogs, articles, and social media sites, we informed, educated, and promoted the importance of mental health care and mental well-being.

Oklahoma’s Choice for Optimal Mental Health Care

There is no better time than now to express my appreciation to the people of Oklahoma, the city of Tulsa, and its surrounding communities for naming Improving Lives Counseling Services an optimal choice for in-person and virtual mental health care services. With sincerest gratitude, a big “Thank You” to the incredible team of administrative and medical professionals who made this possible and who keep us going year after year.

From the Improving Lives Counseling Services’ family, and my family, to yours, have a wonderful day of thankfulness and a safe and happy season of giving.

Kneale D. Ewing, Founder Top of Form