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Anxieties and phobias are real. Scott Stossel titled his most recent publication; My Age of Anxiety: Fear, hope, dread and the search for peace of mind. It sounds scary because it is scary. Defined in the dictionary as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome, Google and various medical websites expand this definition to include depression, panic attacks, mental illness and physical pain. “An unpleasant state of inner turmoil”, as defined by Wikipedia, is a definition we all can easily identify with.

Occasional short-lived anxiety is common. New and unknown experiences and situations make us anxious, however extreme unsubstantiated, uncontainable, ongoing anxieties, worries or phobias are not common. Beyond the ability to live a normal life, they can be emotionally, mentally and physically crippling. Consulting a counselor is highly suggested. Research has found quality counseling services can have long-term positive effects on understanding and controlling anxieties and phobias.

Self-diagnosis is common. Feeling anxious about a new job, the birth of a child, the first day of school, or making the right decision is something we all experience. Although it has no effect on phobias many have found Mindfulness Meditation Programs effectively improve anxiety and reduce stress. However failure to acknowledge uncontrollable nervousness, feelings of panic, fear and uneasiness, heart palpitations, dry mouth, muscle tensions, or shortness of breath can lead to serious emotional, mental and/or physical injury. Early diagnosis is crucial, especially in toddlers, adolescents and teens. Children in these age groups tend not to understand what is happening to them; nor do they openly verbalize their feelings. Living in a post 911 society where exposure to bad things happening to good people is seen on a daily basis, anxiety is far more prevalent. Low self-esteem in children and teens is often a corollary of chronic anxieties and excessive worrying.

Improving Life’s Counseling Services asks you to be honest. If this is you or someone you love or care for let us help. Our highly skilled therapists offer individual, child-adolescent, parent-child, family, couples, and marriage counseling. Anxieties and phobias can stifle the life you were meant to live. You’re not alone. Call us.