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A Sincere Thank You

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To administrative staff, licensed team of medical professionals, families, clients, friends, and supporters: a sincere Thank You. Your dedication, patronage, belief in our vision, and trust in our mission enable us to meet specific needs and concentrate on the well-being of everyone who walks through our doors or logs in virtually. During the pandemic, we expanded our online therapy service and based upon the needs of the communities we serve, we continue this growth. We have found, as did recent researchers, that the therapeutic bond formed between client and therapist can be just as strong and impactful with online counseling as in-office sessions.

Focusing on Mental Health and Well-Being

As businesses and people nationwide rebuilt, readjusted, and bounced back, they realized the need to bring mental health and well-being to the forefront. With children returning to school, adults to the workplace, and seniors to day centers, the mental health toll of the pandemic flared, not only in Oklahoma, but nationwide. Losing friends and family, sheltering in place, wearing a mask, and fearing the general public, despite longing to reconnect, left many displaying psychological symptoms – many of which weren’t apparent until life returned to what they considered normal.

Though “Mental Health” has become a buzzword, and those who suffer find the commercialization appalling, there has been a lessening of the stigma around seeking mental health care. More Oklahomans are admitting they have a problem, and that they are suffering the psychological and emotional effects of mental illness. Today, more children, teens, adolescents, adults, and seniors believe in the importance of mental well-being, and are seeking the mental health care they need. The therapists, counselors, and clinicians of Improving Lives Counseling Services, Inc. stand ready to meet their needs.

Thank You for Your Patronage

Thank you for choosing Improving Lives Counseling Services, Inc. as your mental health care provider and for the many referrals you’ve sent our way. Your patronage has enabled us to expand our footprint, update and add new clinics, and bring on some of the best in the field of mental health care. On behalf of the entire Improving Lives Counseling Services’ team, we hope you had a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day!

“Live the life you were meant to live”

Kneale Daniel Ewing, President/CEO/Founder