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The new look of integrated patient care.

The concept of integrated care has increased. Clinics across the country are changing the face of health care delivery through expansion, coordination and collaboration of patient care. Innovative care delivery is emerging nationwide. Our General Medical Services, drug, DNA and genetic testing will impact the lives of our patients by coupling timely accurate diagnosis and treatment of non-surgical diseases with the quality mental behavioral care our counselors and therapist provide.

Designed to improve behavioral health services, Improving Lives Counseling Services expansion bridges gaps in patient health care providing:

  • Drug Testing – Analysis of urine, hair, blood, breath, sweat, oral fluid / saliva.
  • Genetic Testing – Analyze DNA samples to detect the presence of gene or genes associated with an inherited disorders.
  • Medical screening for genetic disorders.
  • General Medical Services – Diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases.

Patients with mental and behavioral disorders have high rates of untreated and often undetected medical problems. Adding drug and DNA testing to our assessments aids in early diagnosis, and in the development of effective treatment plans – as does the addition of General Medical Services, and as more people seek the supportive aspects of genetic counseling, screening for genetic disorders is crucial.

For the benefits of our clients and patient’s well-being, the addition of these new services enables the Improving Lives Counseling Service team of professionals to provide specialized care tailored to the specific needs of our diverse patient population.

For more information on integrated care, the new clinical services model, or our expanded services, feel free to contact us.

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