Services are FREE for anyone who has Title XIX Medicaid or SoonerCare in Oklahoma


Pre-marital counseling will help you and your partner celebrate and solidify your relational commitment prior to marriage.  During your pre-marital counseling sessions, during which you and your partner meet together with a counselor, you will have the opportunity to explore the important topics which can impact a couples relationship, such as:

  • resolving conflicts
  • expectations of marriage, children and parenting
  • husband / wife roles
  • finances and money
  • the sexual relationship
  • religious views and practices
  • Prepared exercises which encourage reflection and learning will strengthen your awareness and deepen discussions as you prepare for this exciting and deeply committed phase of your life together.

To better understand your marriage you and your significant other will each look at your upbringing and the relationship your parents had. From there you will start to determine which elements your own marriage needs and which ones need to be forgotten. Our family and friends’ relationships can have an impact on our own which is something many people don’t realize.

Communication is key to any healthy marriage or relationship so this will be discussed as well. Marriages with excellent communication tend to be happier and last longer than those who barely talk or simply have a hard time communicating in general. You can determine which communication issues are hindering your own marriage and alter them so that you can start every day with confidence that your marriage is solid and healthy.

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