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Eating food is not only essential to our survival, but it is also an important part of our social culture. Eating disorders can create all kinds of chaos. We no longer look at food as a good, sustainable necessity. Instead, it becomes our worst enemy. Food is something we avoid at all costs for the risk of gaining some weight and losing the “ideal” image we think is important. Our thoughts become consumed by the thought of food in all aspects when we have an eating disorder. Such thoughts include: the food we should and shouldn’t eat, what happens if we eat the wrong food, how will the food affect our body and therefore affect our body image? This continuous, horrific cycle continues every day for someone with an eating disorder.

Many people don’t consider therapy when they have an eating disorder, but it can help. You can change the way you look at food and consume it so that you can be healthy without risking your ideal body image and overall happiness.

A licensed therapist can help you gain control over your life and body again. Through the extensive support of therapy you can find the cause of your eating disorder. You will be conjuring up the negative and maybe unrealistic thoughts that cause you to eat the way you do. Identifying and curing this way of thinking will help you learn how to see food in a different and healthier way.

In addition to therapy helping you overcome your eating disorder, it will help you in a bigger way; learning to be aware and comfortable with all of your emotions. Eating disorders typically encourage other issues to surface such as anxiety or substance abuse. These issues will also be dealt with when overcoming the eating disorder. Your appearance is not everything and our therapists can help you realize that. You will learn to cherish the unique person that you are and love your body for more than its appearance.

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