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Many people are confused when it comes to differentiating between clinical depression and their normal “sad” feelings. The difference depends on how severe the feelings are, how long you feel “sad” and how it interferes with everyday life. Clinical depression can affect many functions including your actions, feelings, thoughts and can make simple daily activities very difficult.

Many people who have clinical depression aren’t aware or believe their symptoms aren’t those of depression and are simply feelings that will pass. Some people might even conclude that they will never be happy and will always feel “sad” or “out of sorts.” Life can get a lot better when you seek treatment for any type of depression. You won’t find a fast solution but medication and regular sessions with a licensed therapist has been effective for many people suffering depression.

If you suffer from depression or severe sadness, there is hope, and our counselors can help you! Please contact us to learn more about our therapy services.

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