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The neurobehavioral disorder that makes it hard for a person to focus on any one task or that causes them to have particular behaviors is ADHD, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. Trouble focusing and uncommon behavior are only two of ADHD symptoms. Other symptoms commonly experienced include:

  • excessive talking
  • inattention to details
  • inability to sit or stand still
  • trouble listening to and following instructions
  • unorganized school work
  • unfinished projects, homework, and chores

The symptoms of ADHD can be hard to control and have an unfavorable impact on a person’s everyday life including their relationships, school, career and even their financial situation.

The following are the three different types of ADHD. A doctor will diagnose a person based on the actual symptoms they have and which symptoms they endure the most.

  1. Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type – The symptoms of this type of ADHD include the inability to be still, an increase in impulsive actions and excessive talkativeness.
  2. Predominantly Inattentive Type – This type includes symptoms of disorganization, the inability to focus or concentrate on one particular thing or details, trouble following instructions or keeping up with a conversation, and procrastination.
  3. Combined Type – This is the combination of both types listed above when the patient experiences all symptoms equally.

At Improving Lives Counseling Services, we offer both diagnostic assessments for ADD and ADHD, as well as treatment. We specialize in treating ADHD by administering the objective computerized version of the Connor’s test which generates a 15-16 pages report. This is super helpful in figuring out how well medication of therapy is helping. Research gives us the proof that medicine can have a significant impact on treatment for those suffering with ADHD or ADD; however, therapy holds the power to create the improvements that will last. The staff at Improving Lives Counseling Services has experience working with people of all ages, from young children, to teens, to adults, and their families in order to help them:

  • Develop healthy routines on a daily basis.
  • Be supportive of their loved ones suffering from ADHD.
  • Build stronger relationships between the patient and family.

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