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Maintaining a healthy marriage is never effortless. At times, every couple goes through rough patches or has problems. And at one time or another, many couples seek professional marriage counseling for help with delving into issues within the marriage to return the relationship to a healthy state.

For couples in need of marriage counseling in Tahlequah OK, Improving Lives Counseling Services assists with breaking down troubling patterns that cause stress within relationships.

We Help You Understand Your Marriage

When you seek marriage counseling through Improving Lives Counseling Services, our goal is to assist you in identifying troubling behavior patterns in both partners and understanding how such behavior affects your overall relationship.

Our couples therapy assists partners in working together to improve communication and stay together. We provide you with the skills and tools you need to talk to each other, and more importantly, to truly listen to each other. Learning to communicate helps you weather the inevitable challenges that will arise in your relationship.

Couples counseling helps you and your partner learn to face situations that threaten to end your relationship and instead reach compromises. Your therapist will help guide you through the process and assist you in understanding the other person’s unique experiences, point of view and expectations for the relationship.

Why Choose Marriage Counseling at Improving Lives Counseling Services?

When you work with our therapists for your marriage counseling in Tahlequah, you’ll learn the skills you need to communicate with your partner openly, directly and honestly. You’ll also learn to let go of any anger or resentment. In addition, our therapists will guide you in the following areas:

  • Resolving conflict in a healthy way that involves listening and truly understanding your partner’s point of view.
  • Understanding your partner’s core wishes, desires and needs, along with your own.
  • Asserting your own voice without offending or hurting your partner.
  • Accomplishing your goals in the relationship without becoming angry or confrontational.
  • Working through any unresolved issues with your partner as a team in a safe environment.

Our therapists are experts in helping you learn to express your honest feelings and work with your partner to resolve any problem areas in your relationship. The skills needed to make a marriage work don’t always come naturally. Marriage counseling through Improving Lives Counseling Services helps you learn those skills while providing non-judgmental feedback.

Breaking Unhealthy Patterns

In marriage counseling, you’ll learn to recognize and reconcile troubling patterns that result in repeated stress on your relationship. Whether you go through short-term or long-term marriage counseling, your relationship will benefit as both partners learn to be in the moment, step outside emotions and resolve conflict productively.

The best time to seek out marriage counseling is before your relationship is troubled. But even if you’re considering divorce, professional counseling may help you and your partner gain skills that can save your relationship. To learn more about marriage counseling in Tahlequah, contact Improving Lives Counseling Services today.

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