Services are FREE for anyone who has Title XIX Medicaid or SoonerCare in Oklahoma


At Improving Lives Counseling Services, our main goal is to see you live a higher quality of life. We have helped countless children, teens, adults, couples, and families overcome difficulties they were facing, and we are now proudly serving the community of Stillwater, OK.


A better life is within your reach. We want to help you discover it. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, phobias, trauma, bereavement, or any other mental or emotional problem that is hindering you from fully enjoying every aspect of your life, we offer counseling services to meet you in any of these areas and help you overcome. We can also help with:

Improving family and peer relationships

Emotional disorders

Aggressive behavior

Attention deficit disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder


Our amazing team of therapists at Improving Lives Counseling Services in Stillwater provide a non-judgmental, professional environment where you and your family can grow and feel safe. Our greatest desire is that you feel the support you need with a counseling professional who truly cares. If you are not experiencing life to the fullest, we are here to help!


You and your family deserve the highest quality of life, but improving your life doesn’t come easily. We understand the courage and humility it takes to make the first step and reach out for assistance. Our team is waiting to help you set goals, having the motivation and skills to enable you to reach them.


When it comes to your life, we want you to find the best care. Going with Improving Lives Counseling Services means going with someone who truly wants to help. The other benefits of choosing Improving Lives Counseling Services include:

We meet you where you are by offering office, school, home, and community based services.

We can see you much faster than other counseling services, which means no long waiting period.

We provide online video counseling sessions.

We’re available evenings and weekends.

Services are FREE to clients and families with SoonerCare! We also accept Medicare!

Our counseling sessions are helpful, fun, and affordable!

Don’t let fear or stress keep you from the quality of life you deserve. If you are interested in learning more about our services for the Stillwater area or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us or call 918-960-7852. We want to hear from you!
Man in behavioral therapy