Services are FREE for anyone who has Title XIX Medicaid or SoonerCare in Oklahoma


Improving Lives Counseling Services is proud to offer depression counseling at our Sapulpa location. We understand that there is a difference between feeling down and constant sadness. We’re here to help when you need it the most.

If you struggle with depression, don’t attempt to navigate those murky waters all alone. You should feel no shame in asking for help. Our mental health professionals will meet with you to understand your unique life challenges, feelings and state of mind. While an abundance of mental health professionals believe that a combination of psychotherapy and drug therapy is the best way to treat depression, we advocate individual counseling before resorting to medications. Numerous studies indicate that medication is often unnecessary when depressed individuals receive the right type of counseling. We’re here to lend you the assistance that you need in this critical period of time.

Our Sapulpa office offers top notch depression counseling services that can empower you to end your downward spiral and return your life back to normal. After meeting with our mental health professionals, you’ll be able to recognize the onset of depression in the future and take preventative action to prevent it from taking over your life. You’ll learn how to challenge depressive behaviors and thoughts as soon as they begin to manifest. We can help you learn new mental health skills and gain the confidence that you need to lead a depression free life.

We offer finely tuned counseling sessions that are individually tailored to your unique mental health challenges. Spend some time with our mental health experts and you’ll progress through behavioral therapy to improve your actions, cognitive therapy to alter how you think about things, interpersonal therapy to change how you relate to others and solution focused therapy to help you focus on how things will improve in the future. A combination of these approaches has been proven to work best. So we’ll teach you the ins and outs of mental health to help you overcome your depression without an over reliance on medication.

Above all, we’ll help you learn problem solving techniques and preventative practices that you can employ when you begin to feel depressed. This is what separates us from other mental health services that are quick to recommend medications and focus on treating depression after it has already set in. Our counselors take the time to study you in-depth. We’ll take a look at your medical records and engage in a meaningful dialogue with you to understand the life events and personal concerns that cause your depression. We understand that no two patients are the same. We invest the time and effort that is necessary to provide highly nuanced counseling that caters to your unique mindset and life challenges.

Anyone in the Sapulpa area who is struggling with depression should contact us for assistance. Our team of experts can provide you with counseling that has the potential to change your life. We invite all interested parties to contact us on the web or give us a call at 918-960-7852. Our mental health experts are available for school, office or home appointments, even on the weekends and evenings. Do not hesitate to reach out for help. We urge you to keep an open mind and give our counselors a chance to improve your well-being.

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