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Children can face many challenges, big or small, that are difficult for them to deal with. It’s important children have the tools necessary to handle these challenges in a safe way that will help them grow as individuals.

Improving Lives Counseling Services works to provide children with the tools they need to cope, while also providing the additional support they may need.

Why Children’s Counseling is Important

Children’s counseling can treat a number of issues, including:

  • Attention disorders or learning difficulties
  • Behavioral problems
  • Negative body image
  • Bullying
  • Divorce or moving
  • Psychological disorders
  • Serious illness

Parents and family members are integrated into the therapy in order to promote positive changes at home.

Benefits of Choosing Improving Lives Counseling Services

The friendly staff at Improving Lives Counseling Services offers high-quality, affordable services. The goal is to solve your child’s problem, and because each child is unique, the staff does not believe in a cookie-cutter “going through the motions” approach. Instead, a holistic, strengths-based model is used.

Because younger children lack the communication skills necessary to explain what’s bothering them, play therapy is used to allow them to express themselves through art, toys or games. The therapist will encourage your child to act out their frustrations during play, and will ask questions, observe or participate as necessary. Making your child feel safe and comfortable is highly important.

Additional benefits of Improving Lives Counseling Service includes:

  • Flexible meeting locations, which can be held at school or home
  • Flexible times, including evening and weekends
  • Fast appointments, so you don’t have to wait weeks to get started
  • Online video counseling now available
  • Several locations in Oklahoma, including our new Sapulpa office

Your child and your family will find the support you need with our capable staff.

How to Determine if a Child Needs Counseling

If you’re not sure your child needs therapy, here are some strong indicators:

  • He/she is getting into fights at school
  • He/she is involved with theft, vandalism, drugs or other inappropriate behavior (applies mainly to older children)
  • You notice mood swings or changes in emotions
  • He/she has changes in academic performance, including attendance issues, drop in grades or decreased interest
  • Your child begins to worry excessively
  • You notice an abrupt loss of interest in activities, such as an athlete quitting mid-season
  • Changes in appetite, either eating too much or too little
  • Preoccupation with appearance and weight
  • Changes in sleeping habits, either too little or too much

Please note that these are just some red flags that could indicate your child needs counseling. Ultimately, you know your child best, and any abnormal behavior for them is what to watch our for.

Contact Improving Lives Counseling Services

If you’re concerned about your child and want to learn more about our counseling services, give us a call. We’ve helped hundreds of children, teens and adults reach their goals. Our new office in Sapulpa is now open for appointments!

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