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An addiction to drugs or alcohol can take over a person’s life and affect his health, work life and family relationships. Once there is an addiction, it can be incredibly hard to break free of that pattern and start over. But starting over is possible, and addiction counseling can provide support and guidance to make the process easier and the goal more achievable.

Counseling for an Addiction

Once someone finds herself addicted to a substance, her life now revolves around that substance. But when that person is ready to make a change and stop living for a drug or alcohol, counseling can help stop this pattern. It can help the person understand how she is relying on a substance, and think about aspects of her life that might have contributed to the problem. The counselor can help the person work through these realizations. Counseling can also help people find new methods of living in a happy and healthy way without substances.

At Improving Lives Counseling Services, we provide different types of counseling to help deal with an addiction and the problems that can arise because of the addiction. These services include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Online video counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Couples and marriage counseling
  • Support groups

Choose Improving Lives Counseling Services

At Improving Lives Counseling Services in Sapulpa, OK, we believe that everyone can have a better life if they choose to. We create an environment of non-judgmental support and care to help you or your loved one change and grow. We have a group of skilled counselors and therapists to help you toward your goals in a compassionate way. They understand addiction, as well as other problems that can come from it, such as broken relationships.

Our counselors can help a person dealing with addiction figure out his relationship with the drug or alcohol, and see how it’s affecting his life. They can help him learn to live in a different way, and help the person’s loved ones as well.

We focus on making counseling sessions as easy as possible to obtain. We make each session affordable, plus we accept Medicaid and provide free sessions for people with SoonerCare. We make the counseling sessions fun, so it’s not a chore to go. And we focus on flexibility so you can fit your sessions around your life. We offer online video sessions, evening and weekend sessions, and sessions at your home, office or another convenient location. You don’t have to go on a waiting list for an appointment, so you can start with a counseling session in no time.

Get on the Path Toward a New Life

Counseling for an addiction can give you or your loved one the support needed to make a change and start over. For quality and compassionate addiction counseling in Sapulpa, OK, count on Improving Lives Counseling Services. We will fit your appointments around your location and schedule. Call us at (918) 960-7852 or use our website tool to set up your first appointment today.

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