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Vitamin D and Depression

Have you noticed the latest vitamin craze? Although no vitamin is a miracle drug, Vitamin D is in the news again. Medical journals and the internet are full of well substantiated studies and amazing results. Researchers have discovered vitamin D may play an important role in mental health and in depression.

Studies show Vitamin D acts on areas of the brain linked to depression, “but exactly how vitamin D works on the brain isn’t fully understood”.  Should you run out and buy Vitamin D or spend more hours in the scorching Oklahoma sun? No!

Research studies on the effects of Vitamin D on depression and specifically dementia have been in the works for years. Just use a search engine for the topic and you will find articles dating back as far as the late 1990’s. As depression becomes more common in the United States, research on its cause and discovering effective treatment is widespread. As more of our elderly are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia, the medical community has prioritized exploration of cause, treatment, and possible cures.

Improving Lives Counseling Services should be your first point of contact if you feel sad, gloomy, unhappy, or depressed. Self-diagnosis like self-treatment can lead to disastrous results. Yes, you can take too much vitamin D!

The internet is a great source for securing information; it is not a form of diagnosis. Improving Lives Counseling Services’ professionally trained and experienced therapists provide a number of different services targeted to meet your specific needs. Vitamin D is a great vitamin, however, depression is a serious diagnosis. Imbalance in your life, physical, mental, or spiritual, should not be taken lightly. Improving Lives Counseling Services’ treatment plans involve finding the cause of your depression, not just alleviating the symptoms. Call us.